loving technology and geeking out.

We wanted to help make the tech industry more diverse and decided education was the key.

we grew up in poor community in Congo, previously worked as a graphic design and Video editor at Studio Ultra Decibels. “I felt like more people from where I came from should have the same types of opportunities,”

“We want to prepare our students for the future. We don’t want to wait until it’s too late,”  “All the trends show that in order to have access to more opportunities, education is what gets you there.”

That’s even true for students who pursue fields outside of tech and science, “It’s very inspiring,” says Ivy (Managing director). “When I see students who are just 12 years old, they remind me of when I was a 12-year-old loving technology and geeking out. Being able to foster that passion they have, I know that it’s a flame that is lit and will never go out.”

As a kid, I took part in an computer program in Detroit that taught me to code and primed me for college,